Door Stories

One of the ongoing problems for any coffee house is the constant ploy of some individuals to gain free access to club. The most popular one was “I’m a guest of the performer.” “Sorry but your name is not on the list.” In fact there were very few performers who would ask for guests privileges. Another was “I am the guest of Denis Faulkner.” Once I was working the door and some young lad brazenly walked in claiming to be “Guest of Denis Faulkner.” When I told him I was Denis Faulkner and that I didn’t know him, he blanched, then reddened and quickly turned and walked out. Another time someone arrived with a small piece of electronic equipment and wires claiming it was for the performer. There were also stories of guys smooching the female door attendants, decrying their poverty, and their intense desire to see the performer.

One group had found an imaginative way to get in. One of them would pay to get in, walk upstairs, go through the unlocked door leading to the rehearsal room and the storage room for the theatre group, open the side fire door and let the gang in. The following night I put some talcum powder on the steel fire stairs, followed the traces and promptly caught the culprits, white footed. I subsequently solved the problem by putting a large lock on the upstairs door.

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I worked Wednesday evenings for a while at the Bank Street location. Heard the dynamic Pauline Julien and the
totally unforgetable Renee Claude. I seem to recall Jackie Washington, and Judy Collins. After the move to
Sussex I played some minor parts in the theatre offerings, including sharing the stage with Saul Rubinek in The
Duchess of Malfi. Re my subject “help” does anyone recall Charles Fisher playing guitar? And Denis, who were
your buddies who helped open at Rideau Street?

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