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VIDEO / DVD: Bobby Hackett Plays Tony

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To the best of my knowledge, cornetist Bobby Hackett played on just two Tony Bennett albums in the 1960s. He can be heard blowing mellow obbligatos around Tony's vocal on two tracks on A Time for Love, a compilation of unreleased material between 1960 and '66. Hackett also plays ukulele on Sweet Lorraine on Tony's If I Ruled The World : Songs For The Jet Set...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Pandora Cuts 5% of Staff in $45 Million Restructuring

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Pandora announced an organizational restructuring today that includes layoffs in some departments as part of a $45 million in cost cutting "designed to prioritize its strategic growth initiatives and optimize overall business performance." 5% of Pandora's workforce is being cut today as the unprofitable music streamer pledges to cut $45 million in expenses. An SEC filing estimated the severance and benefits cost of the layoffs at between $6.5 and $8.5 million...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Yonder: On the Rise Music Streamer You've Never Heard

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From the ashes of the Beyond Oblivion, the flashy yet unlaunched $174 million music tech startup, comes Yonder, a free music service that's gaining traction, in large part because it is building in markets that are off streaming's beaten track, writes MIDiA's Mark Mulligan. By Mark Mulligan of MIDiA and the Music Industry Blog...

TECHNOLOGY: Emergence of Blockchain Technology for Music

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In this piece, Mo Jalloh of Zimmi breaks down what blockchain tech can be defined as, and how the emergence of blockchain tech will affect artists and music industry in the near future. Guest post by Mo Jalloh of Zimrii The emergence of BlockChain Technology has been described as the greatest technology invention since the dawn of the internet, but for a good many people the concept is still quite alien...

WEBSITE: All About Jazz Top 10 MP3 Downloads: January 2018

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All About Jazz features a free song every day spanning all genres of jazz, and of the 30 tracks featured in January, these ten represent our personal favorites. We also included the top ten reader favorites as indicated by total downloads. Musicians and record labels can submit full length MP3s for consideration here...


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