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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Could Streaming Playlists Replace Music Blogs?

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As streaming culture and the companies behind it forever alter the ways in which music is both produced and consumed, playlists could have the potential to replace human bloggers and tastemakers. Guest post by Patrick McGuire of Soundfly's Flypaper Major streaming platforms are irrevocably changing the ways people create, discover and consume music. As with any emerging, disruptive technology, there are winners and losers. Though musicians, labels, and publishers initially despised streaming giants like Spotify, the industry has now been forced to lovingly embrace them, along with the focus on singles and playlists they've brought to the music business...

CAREER: Optimizing the Day You Send Your Email Newsletter

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Once you've sunk the time into crafty a comprehensive and compelling email, you'll want to ensure it goes out at a time when recipients are the mostly likely to actually open it. Here we look at how to utilize a built in email scheduler to be sure you're hitting send when it counts the most. Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Sonos Files for IPO at $3 Billion Valuation

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Sonos is filed to go public as early as June, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. According to documents filed with the SEC, Sonos hopes to be valued at $3 billion for the IPO. The Sonos IPO comes on the heels of Spotify's successful direct public stock offering, and strong signs Tencent Music, the giant Chinese based music streamer, while file for an IPO in the coming weeks. Vivendi, the parent of Universal Music Group, has also publicly stated that it's exploring spinning off the world's largest music group with an IPO...

RECORDING: Flutist Andrea Brachfeld's Virtuosity as Instrumentalist and Composer Manifested on "If Not Now, When?," Set for May 18 Release by Jazzheads Records

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The 'incredible clarity of purpose' flutist-composer m: Andrea Brachfeld gained after spending 2016 in deep introspection about her life and music generated the nine original compositions on her exhilarating new album If Not Now, When?, which is set for May 18 release by Jazzheads Records. The quartet outing, featuring the dynamic rhythm section of pianist, arranger, co-composer, and co-producer Bill O'Connell, a longtime collaborator, as well as bassist Harvie S and drummer Jason Tiemann, is an uncompromising manifestation of music Brachfeld recalls came to her on a cold day in January 2017...

BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Jimmy Giuffre

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All About Jazz is celebrating Jimmy Giuffre's birthday today! Reedman and composer Jimmy Giuffre was born in Dallas, TX. He started his musical education at age 9 learning the clarinet and within few years he was proficient enough to give solo clarinet recitals at local functions. After high school he attended North Texas State University receiving a B. A. in music. During his college years he played in local bands... Read more...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Congress to Vote on Music Modernization Act Today with Support of Independent Labels

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An expanded Music Modernization Act is scheduled for a vote in the United States House of Representatives on Wednesday. Though not without its critics, the bipartisan legislation has the strong support of most of the music industry, including the growing independent label sector. The Music Modernization Act, to be put before Congress on Wednesday, combines three bills, including the original Music Modernization Act, which mandates a new organization to collect mechanical royalties and offers streaming music services protection from copyright infringement lawsuits filed after this last January. Also a part of the expanded legislation is the Compensating Legacy Artists for their Songs, Service, and Important Contributions to Society (CLASSICS) Act, Allocation for Music Producers (AMP) Act and part of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act which changes how the Copyright Royalty Board sets streaming rates...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: The Rise of Artist Curated Festivals

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Performing has long been a mainstay of most musician's income, and as festivals continue to grow in popularity, many artists have found that they can earn good money and maintain more creative control by engineering more artist curated festivals. Guest post by Amanda Wicks of CASH Music It's no secret that musicians earn a significant percentage of their revenue from touring. What they recoup from streaming -- which now undergirds the music industry more than ever -- represents mere drops in a bucket compared to the financial control they wield through ticket and merchandise sales. As singer-songwriter and producer Mike Errico explained in the New York Times, 'The advice given to the creative generators of this multibillion-dollar industry is still one that would be recognizable to a medieval troubadour: Go on tour...

CAREER: Thinking Locally is the First Step to Success

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While the internet can theoretically allow you to access a potentially limitless fanbase, starting out there can make it difficult to cut through the clutter of millions of other vying for listeners attention, meaning artists just starting out are often better off working to develop a local fanbase first...


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