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Final Show!

That's all folks! 26 years of the Daily Planet comes to an end tonight. Thank you for listening and for the amazing things you've said about the show. You get it on such a high level that it warms my heart. Tonight we'll hear the full version of the theme song and some of French trio Three Blind Mice - requests for my Mom for something by me and something that you can listen to over and over again. I also play an appropriate song from Neil Young for my wife and for those of you who requested some Cajun fiddles. Recent favourites abound Kasey Chambers - with the hard-sung 'FM Lounge' version of her song 'I Ain't Your Little Girl, Chris Wood with a song about the end result of global warning, Dhafer Youssef in a deep, melancholy mood, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks teaming up with Pakistan's Sachal Ensemble and my personal gift to you right at the end of the show. Thank you!

Sisters Singing, Soulful Sax and Josquin

Sister groups The Waifs and Charm of Finches, gospel from Kasey Chambers and Judy Jacques, churchy sax from David Murray, Andrew Robson and Noah Preminger and Josquin De Prez deconstructed. The deconstructions are by Canadian sound artist Tim Hecker's latest album. We'll also hear Josquin as we imagine he meant us to hear him, Andrew Robson playing his jazz interpretations of 16th century composer Thomas Tallis, Noah Preminger's album 'Meditations on Freedom' - recorded after the 2016 US Presidential election and released on inauguration day. David Murray plays a version of the very popular folk song 'Barbara Allen' from his album with Geri Allen and Terry Lynne Carrington. Judy Jacques' gospel song comes from her 1960s period in which she mixed trad jazz and gospel to big crowds in Melbourne. The Kasey gospel song is co-written with Harry Hookey and sung with him and Vika and Linda Bull. And we'll also hear an preview of a song from Harry's forthcoming album.

LArpeggiata Christina Pluhar Orfeo Chamn

The album I've been waiting for from this forward looking ensemble, combining the story of Orpheus with Shamanic journeys and Early Music with vibrant South American folk, introducing Argentinian singer Nehuel Pennisi. Nehuel is a young, blind singer-guitarist with a pure voice that can graduate into a chilling scream. He and the other singers do not sound like ordinary Opera singers as they play out the Orpheus myth in a production staged and recorded at Bogota's Teatro Mayor. The participation of Venezuelan cuatro maestro Le Rondn drives the South American pieces to greater heights and L'Arpeggiata has become an ensemble that can really swing, and who can sound old or modern. We'll also hear Gavin Bryars' setting of English Mystic Thomas Traherne's poems to music for chorus and saxophone quartet, latest albums from Kasey Chambers and from Glen Skuthorpe, French guitarist Sebastien Giniaux seamlessly connecting Manouche music with Romanian lament, Eric Bibb and Ale Mller and Knut Reiersrud's deep, European version of a Blind Willie Johnson song and Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau covering Bob Dylan on their new album.

Planet Co-founders Robyn Johnston and Doug Spencer Co-present and Remember Things

Doug joins me in Perth and Robyn from Paris via Skype to recall their foundation of the Daily Planet and their experiences and philosophies that gave rise to the program. They also program tracks from Abdulla Ibrahim and Ekaya, Riccardo Tesi and Banditaliana, Thelonious Monk, Dick Gaughan, Tanya Sparke, Monica Salmaso and Paulo Bellinati and Jane Ira Bloom between telling us their stories - from initial musical epiphanies to broadcasting to today.

Dhafer Youssef - 'Diwan of Beauty and Odd'

Tunisian composer/singer/oud player's brilliant collaboration with New York Jazz musicians, written in India and dedicated to Syria. Dhafer teams up with pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Ben Williams and drummer Mark Giuliana for a powerful, expressive combination of oud, voice and jazz. (Our own Joseph Tawadros did something similar a few years back.) We'll also hear Syrian saxophonist Basel Rajoub's emotional piece of thanks to his new homeland, Switzerland, two dark pieces from Kasey Chambers' new album, about Jonestown and about Romeo and Juliet and a French-based trio of West Indians led by pianist Gregory Privat with their, muscular, non-calypso take on jazz. And I'll finish the show up with a showstopper (!) - Earl Hines' tribute to Fats Waller that caused me to pull to the side of the road when I first heard it on the Daily Planet over 20 years ago.

Two Faced Friday

An English and Irish music fest featuring Andy Irvine and Luke Plumb, Jenna Moynihan, Jim Moray, Chris Wood, Andrew Robson and Mara Kiek and Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party plus jazz from Tunisia's Dhafer Yousseff and a New York city trio. We'll also hear a track from next week's CD of the week, Kasey Chambers' 'Dragonfly' and a couple of tracks from Russian born, Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Ilya Toshinskiy's album of banjo tunes.

Michael Cleveland - 'Fiddler's Dream'

The most amazing bluegrass fiddler is joined by great fiddling from India's Jyotsna Srikanth, Mongolian group Anda Union, The Kronos Quartet and Celtic fiddler Jenna Moynihan. The blind Indiana fiddler's new album is his first 'solo' effort in about 10 years. We'll hear him play an astounding duet with mandolinist Andy Statman and play smooth as silk at a very fast tempo. Jyotsna joins the Bollywood Brass Band on their new album and Anda Union's latest is a powerful, well-produced outing of traditional Mongolian pieces. From England, we'll hear Chris Wood's hymn-like question song about faith and reason and Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party's hymn version of a Tom Waits song. And more high powered bluegrass from latest recordings by the Infamous Stringdusters and by Ilya Toshinkskiy.

Delicate Elvis

Improvising vocalist (and huge Elvis fan) Lisa Dillan and guitarist Asbjrn Lerheim bring out Elvis' sensitive side with their spare, measured versions of songs he recorded. This is the second album of Elvis songs by the Norwegian duo, and the better to my ears because it brings out the quiet side of these songs that Elvis sang. We'll also hear the king himself turn 'She Thinks I Still Care' into a blues shuffle, and Jimmy Day, who turned down a job in E's band, with his heartrending country version of the same song. And we'll play Elvis' hero, Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup, with his version, the original, of 'That's Alright Mama.' A song for the Queen (Victoria) by artist of the week Chris Wood (actually his setting to music of AE Housman's poem '1887' about the Shropshire lads who died for the Empire) and moving songs for Chris' daughter, written about a decade apart.

A Night in Hungary - Sax, Cimbalom and Bea

Deep integrations of Hungarian folk with jazz, with the emphasis on sax and the cimbalom, with a couple of brilliant vocals by Palya Bea. Palya adapts Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca's melody into a beautiful folk jazz ballad and teams up with Serbian-born fiddler Lajk Felx for some stirring sounds. The sax players, Borbly Mihly and Mihaly Dresch are friendly rivals - the country's finest - both with a deep grounding in classical, jazz and folk. And common to both of their albums and with one of his own is the cimbalom maestro Mikls Lukcs, who was a featured member of Charles Lloyd's group in 'Wild Man Suite.' Australian saxophonist Andrew Robson explores how the Child Ballads sound from an Australian Jazz perspective from his new album with Steve Elphick and Llew and Mara Kiek. Chris Potter, who spends part of his year in Budapest and is married to a Hungarian, shines with Mihaly to close the show and Chris Wood delivers a rich song from his new album.

Andy Irvine and Luke Plumb - 'Precious Heroes'

Beautiful album by Irish music pioneer and young Tassie music wizard and ideas about eternal youth, speech and music and sound and art. Andy co-founded influential Irish quartet Planxty and Luke played for years with Scottish traditional-meets-groove group Shooglenifty. With Luke producing, they've made an album that pays tribute to some of the great, largely unknown men and women who shaped working class and cultural roots. We'll also hear Gerry Diver's brilliant synthesis of Irish speech and music, Ngarukuruwala's combination of Indigenous song with Western classical sounds and Henry Jacobs' wacky sound art pieces. Henry is responsible for my existence, having introduced my parents to each other. He is both the inventor of surround sound and (arguably) the first person to have a World Music Radio show. (Chicago in the 1930s) Lisa Dillan will sing a beatiful version of a 1957 Elvis song and Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton close the show with a fine version of a Bob Dylan song.

Two Faced Friday

We start out with Sevdah, (Bosnia's blues) and move through Serbia, England, Ireland, Hungary and the Tiwi Islands before ending with a Norwegian performance artist's beautiful tribute to Elvis. Music is a nation! The Bosnian Sevdah comes from Damir Imamovic who wrote the song we'll hear from Amira Medunjanin. Also music from Serbia from Bilja Krstic and the Bistrik Orchestra and from Hungarian and Bulgarian musicians Borbly Mihly and Theodosii Spassov, a brilliant song from Chris Wood's new album, Andy Irvine teaming up with Tasmanian wunderkind Luke Plumb, improvisations on bass clarinet and drums to a mournful 1954 recording of an unknown Tiwi Islander, Sydney octet Microfiche's take on John Cage and finally, Norwegian singer Lisa Dillan, a huge Elvis fan from the age of 8, with a beautifully measured version of the Burt Bacharach song 'Any Day Now.'

Amira Medunjanin - 'Damar'

The soulful, transparent longing of Sevdalinka of Bosnia-Herzogovina from latest albums by Sarajevo's Amira and Belgrade's Bilya Krstic. Both singers have returned to folk traditions and minimal ensembles. We'll also hear Ablaye Cissoko's kora with Iranian/Canadian group Constantinople and Dawda Jobarteh's punchier version of the instrument. And we'll premier great Danish folk trio Dreamer's Circus and close the show with the latest from Lolo Lovina.