RECORDING: Trombonist Chris Abelen Releases "Songs on the Eve of Dismissal" -- Commentary on Present-Day Office Life

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Songs on the eve of dismissal, as the title suggests, is a project about working in an office, and the main emotions involved in present-day office life: fear and loss of individuality. With millions of people worldwide trying to survive the next reorganization while doing their job, this is a serious subject which connects to a large group; at the same time, not many songs have been written about it -- up to now, that is! Sad songs, but high-spirited ones as well: like the one they sang going to their last off-site, or the respectful but frank "Prayer to the shareholder." The project consists of about 22 pieces (two sets), nine of them with vocals. The other compositions (for a 7-piece line-up) have already been published in the 2016 instrumental album A day at the office. The instrumental compositions will also be used as a background for spoken contributions by Bastiaan Geleijnse...

BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Bobby Hackett

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All About Jazz is celebrating Bobby Hackett's birthday today! Bobby Hackett, one of nine children, was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. At an early age he played the ukulele and by the time he was twelve played guitar and violin, and had bought his first cornet. He left high school after his freshman year to take a steady job with a band that performed seven days a week at the Port Arthur- a local Chinese restaurant... Read more...

CAREER: Avoiding Burnout as a Musician

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Here Angela Mastrogiacomo tackles the pervasive issue of burnout for musicians and other working in the music industry, examining where it stems from and how it can be overcome or avoided altogether. Guest post by Angela Mastrogiacomo of Soundfly's Flypaper As I write this, I'm currently facing my own version of burnout. It's Friday afternoon, and it's been an especially long week of fielding emails, putting out fires, managing mini-crises, and trying to find time to actually build my business and look to the future. Did I mention also working in three miles of walking my dog each day, yoga, trying to eat right, and really, really, wanting to catch up on Bates Motel if I could just find the time to sit down, relax, and get my mind to stop racing...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Producer Quincy Jones Proposes a Music Stock Index Fund

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While there have long been index funds built around media and tech stocks, there has never been an index fund created specifically around music, something which famed producer Quincy Jones is hoping to change. Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 One way to invest in the stock market reasonably safely is by investing in an index fund, which is a type of mutual fund with a portfolio constructed to match or track a market index, such as the Standard and Poor's 500 Index (S&p 500). advantages of an index fund include broad market exposure combined with very low operating expenses, so it becomes sort of a 'set and forget' type of investment. Up until now there are been funds created around media or tech stocks, but none specifically around music, and legendary producer Quincy Jones thinks the time is now right for it to happen...

WEBSITE: All About Jazz Improves Premium Musician Profile Service; Adds Three Facebook Services

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All About Jazz, a staunch supporter of and innovator for jazz, has added two new features to their Premium Musician Profile service and has introduced three Facebook related services that result in greater event distribution while saving data entry time. New and improved services include: Premium Musician Profile We added two significant features to an already feature rich service intended to help musicians promote events, sell music, and drive traffic. Bundled with the Premium Musician Profile Service is the Facebook Events Import (sold separately for $20/year). All About Jazz will import events uploaded to your Facebook page, saving data entry time at Jazz Near You. Musicians can also link up to 12 external articles (reviews, interviews, etc.) of their choosing. $30/year. View features...


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