CAREER: How to Connect with Millennial Music Fans: 4 Ways

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One of the largest and most engaged market segments, millennial music fans are ripe to be marketed to. In this piece we look at four essential rules for making sure your next show or festival is packed to the gills with millennials. Guest post by Bill Leigh from Eventbrite Growth in the music industry is being driven by live music -- and growth in live music is driven by millennials. They're the largest generation by population, and some of the biggest live music fans as well. Are you selling enough tickets to millennial music fans...

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Pop Music Eats Itself: A&R is Facing a Data Driven Crisis

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It is no secret that data now drives who gets signed, with record labels chasing stats in search of the next streaming friendly hit. But analyst Mark Mulligan and some label execs are wondering how music can evolve when A&r is a reflection of current trends rather than as a tastemaker; and how an out of the box music can find a place with an increasingly closed loop of statistics...

CAREER: Music Minds Matter: Mental Health Support for Musicians

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In this article, the good people at 6/8 Music highlight Music Minds Matter, a UK based initiative which works to provide musicians with comprehensive mental health support, including advice, signposting, and professional therapeutic services. Guest post from the 6/8 Music Blog At 6/8 Music, we try to be more than just a record label. We are loud and proud in our pursuits to empower women, amplify marginalized voices, and break mental health stigmas. Inspired doesn't even begin to cover our feelings toward organizations working toward the same vision of equality and understanding in our society. For all of our admiration, we have created a monthly feature series on organizations that inspire us to work harder and smarter toward the goal of a better present, and a better future...

CAREER: 11 Ways to Get Hired for (or Fired from) a Gig as a Freelance Musician

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In the way of large-scale, logistically complex freelance performance, musical entrepreneur Ari Herstand breaks down eleven key components regarding how artists who are hired for a freelance gig should conduct themselves, particularly if they don't want it to be their last. Guest post by indie musician and author Ari Herstand of Ari's Take...


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